Saturday, 19 January 2013

new blog =)


I've just started new blog due to some technical problem regarding the old one. Seriously I got mad and sad about it. But it's ok, life must goes on right? heee..well this is a kind fresh blog where everythingyhere coz i'm not a girl who able to talk directly too much with people so everything I will write here. Ok enough for the introductory part   =)

In Shaa Allah , tomorrow night I will be back to home,this is really the moment I've waited for every semester. I miss mom cook for sure and everythingy at home I miss. Especially my little sister and seriously i miss her so much. Aleeya, just wait for me yeah. I've something for you. All pinky thingy just like what you ORDERED to me huhu.. Aleeya she such a brilliant girl and she can make my family proud of her. Just one thing is she is lazy to learn but somehow she able to do the examination. Well she's copyright of my attitude heeee. =)

this is my Aleeya. A girl who likes to put make up on her face. A girl who adores fashion not like me, out of fashion heeee.... this photo taken during my engagement ceremony. Sister much love you Aleeya =)

In Shaa Allah I will be an auntie soon and seriously i can't wait to see my niece or nephew . Tq kak long give another member in our families. NOT to forget for the one who stole my heart and drive me crazy towards him. En. Muhd Fadzly, the first moment I saw you during that night, you already make my heart open for you and until now i'm falling in love again with you. I don't have any luxury to share with you but I have one thing that I believe no one else can give to you what I had. I just give you the love and my precious heart for you so that you know , you have me for every single breath you take =) To the one that I love I pray that our relationship will last forever and be patient waiting for our marriage =) 

Last but not least, do support me in this blogging world ok =) 
# please pray for my success in this life =)
# happy blogging everyone
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